How to delete a stripchat account

How to delete a stripchat account

Unblocking and restoring

Stripchat may be discontinued for various reasons and you can delete your account on the website.

Click your account name to gain access to settings and privacy, then on "Delete My Account." A form will then ask why you wish to delete it; your feedback will help Stripchat improve, benefiting other users as a result. Once confirmed and given an explanation for why the account should be deleted from our database it will be immediately gone from existence.

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Continue reading for more details. Some users who regret deleting an account often wonder whether they can reactivate it to continue using Stripchat.

How can I recover my deleted account?

If you find that you accidentally deleted your Stripchat and want to access it again at a later time, recovering it should be easy - all it takes is one login into your account again!

Once your account was deleted, a screen indicating this fact appears with the button 'Restore My Account' for you to recover it. Clicking this button will bring up a message telling you an email has been sent with a link for recovery if not already received within one hour of clicking it; immediately after clicking this link your Stripchat service should be back up and running!

They blocked my account

Your account may also be blocked upon signing in, so what can be done quickly to access all services quickly?

Before investigating why your account was blocked, it's important to determine why. Stripchat accounts can only be blocked for violating their Terms of Use; to determine this violation you can send in a ticket directly to 24/7 customer service; they will promptly inform you on the status of your account and if blocking can be lifted immediately. In order to avoid having your account restricted again use it according to the Terms of Service.

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